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Improv Special - 3 For All

Mitchell Deane interviews 3 For All. They discuss the origins of 3 For All, BATS Theatre, long form narrative, imagination, space object work, and the Austin improv scene. 3 for All is: Rafe Chase, Stephen Hearin, and Tim Orr. Includes a bonus improv performance by 3 For All!  

3 For All

Improv Special - In Our Prime

Scott Hearne interviews In Our Prime. They discuss dramatic improv and overcoming audience expectations, “Is improv a young person’s game?”, and they all crush on Kayla Lane Freeman. In Our Prime is: Jessica Arjet, Ryan Hill, Paul Normandin, Gloria Rabil-Bankler. For more information, check out their Facebook page:

In Our Prime

Musical Comedy Special - Reformed Whores

Mitchell Deane and Brandon Martin interview Reformed Whores. They discuss the formation of Reformed Whores over an hor d’oeuvres table in Brooklyn, their viral hit in response to Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” comment, using improv to develop their show, and audience reaction to comedy country music. PLUS, musical performances by Reformed Whores! Visit their website for more information:

Reformed Whores

Improv Special - USNIT

Scott Hearne interviews the US National Improv Team (USNIT). USNIT is based out of New York City and is the 2012 UCB Indie Cagematch Champions. They discuss dating on OK Cupid as an improv team, comedic philosophy, and shooting guns for the very first time in Texas. This episode features their first radio improv performance! USNIT is: Dan Fox, Dan Glaser, Ryan Haney, Aaron Kheifets, Jesse Neil, Dan Silver, and Joel Weidl.


Weekend Buds - Episode 4

Weekend Buds is a weekly, bullshit session led by Scott Hearne and Brandon Martin. This week’s session features: Graham Foster, Gene Getman, Maggie Maye, and Chris Sebilia. Topics include: Graham is a recovering asshole, Gene is a nice guy (His real life has less rape and dead babies than his stand up act leads you to believe.), and Maggie Maye performs comedy in church.

Episode 8 - Shana Merlin

Scott Hearne interviews Shana Merlin. Shana is an improviser/teacher and founder of the Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation in Austin, TX. She is a member of Get Up w/Shannon McCormick and Girls, Girls, Girls (improvised musicals). Scott and Shana discuss the explosion of improv in Austin, the role of women in comedy, motherhood, improv philosophy, and Merlin Works move to the ZACH Theatre!

Shana Merlin

Improv Special - Ctrl Alt Delight

Scott Hearne interviews Ctrl Alt Delight. Ctrl Alt Delight is Jonathan Euseppi, Gary Pascal, Mike Sullivan, and Hugo Vargas-Zesati and they perform fast-paced, montage style improv. This episode includes a bonus improv performance by Ctrl Alt Delight!

Ctrl Alt Delight

Weekend Buds - Episode 3

Weekend Buds is a weekly, bullshit session led by Scott Hearne and Brandon Martin. This week’s session features: Mitchell Deane, Jordan Glaze, and Ashley Lowe. Topics include: Mitchell drives a pedicab, Pogs! and Bloinks, Which Ninja Turtle are you?, and Ashley Lowe is a woman about town! Also, a small dash of improv at the end of the show.

Main Stage Focus - The Black Vault

Scott Hearne and Mitchell Deane interview Marc Majcher (Director) and cast members of The Black Vault: Improvised Horror in the Style of H.P. Lovecraft. Bonus Improv performance featuring: Jessica Arjet, Ryan Hill, and Paul Normandin.

The Black Vault Ensemble Cast is: Jessica Arjet, Emily Breedlove, Justin Davis, Andreas Fabis, Brad Hawkins, Ryan Hill, Roy Janik, Marc Majcher, Jay Michael, Paul Normandin, Jayme Ramsay, Clay Towery, and Peter Rogers.

See The Black Vault - September and October 2012, Saturdays at 8 PM @ The Hideout Theatre:

The Black Vault

Episode 7 - Lashonda Lester

Scott Hearne interviews Lashonda Lester. They discuss Detroit, White Castle, Weird! True Hollywood Tales, ECW pro wrestling, and Lashonda’s love/hate relationship with stand up comedy. 

Lashonda Lester